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Export markets – Malaysia

Market profile

Malaysia is competing fiercely with other countries in the region to provide a pro-business environment. The government has relaxed foreign ownership laws in the manufacturing sector and has also implemented a range of incentives to attract investors in priority areas such as operational headquarters, regional distribution centres and international procurement centres. The government has also invested heavily in infrastructure to facilitate both efficient business and a high standard of living, particularly in the major centres. It has also recently implemented liberalisation actions within the financial services sector to attract more international players to operate within the market.

The bilateral trade relationship between Australia and Malaysia reached a significant milestone with the signing of the Malaysia-Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA).

E-Commerce in Malaysia: A guide for Australian business

E-commerce in Malaysia: A guide for Australian business (PDF) contains research indicating market opportunities for Australian businesses looking to access Malaysia’s 20 million online consumers.

The guide is a starting point for businesses considering selling products on Malaysian e-commerce platforms. It provides an overview of the country’s largest e-commerce platforms, online consumer profiles and preferences, popular products and categories, entry points for Australian businesses and a how-to guide on approaches for accessing the market.

ASEAN NOW – Insights for Australian Business

digital report on Australia’s trade and investment relationship with ASEAN.

Key sections:

  • Why ASEAN matters to Australia
  • What’s driving growth
  • Opportunities by ASEAN market
  • Practical tips and assistance
  • Case studies.


Merchandise exports

A$7,493 million

Services exports

A$2,634 million


Kuala Lumpur

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328,550 sq km


32.4 million